Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

に公開 2019/02/20
Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
Galaxy S10E Impressions:ビデオ-iy1z3ZVASCg.html
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  • so how much would it cost to replace a cracked s10 screen xD

  • Wow! Samsung galaxy 10 Shut up and take my monkey!

  • Fortnite and

  • But, can it run Crysis?

  • This guy knows how to do videos.

  • #1 trending 🔥🔥

  • you forgot to mention that you can customize the bixby button now

  • Oooh ohhhh that's hot! 🔥

  • *Apple joins the chat* ..... it’s free Real estate;)

  • 5G tech is toxic. And it can do more harm than good to you. God bless you all

  • God, that hole looks worse than a notch

  • If I controlled rewind I would want fortnite and....

  • Honestly anything over 4GB RAM in a phone is retarded...

  • and they still have a headphone jack... almost looks like we didn't need to remove it.

  • Hey it’s that guy from JP-tv rewind

  • This is the end apple Android Is back in black.

  • I still have a 5S and i am starting to hate it :)

  • Nokia is better... change my mind

  • The iPhone 11 better be flipping brilliant or this lifelong iPhone user is switching to Samsung

  • S10e = Economy Edition

  • Roses are red violets are blue i don't like the notch and so don't you.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the front cam is actually sick as it is in the displaying area and also a big distraction while watching/playing something?

  • Is the phone waterproof tho?!😂

  • I think the only cool thing is the camera combo and ultrasonic fingerprint reader, the rest doesn't impress me and I don't think that is worth the price

  • What I hate about apple fanboys is that they ignore the facts Samsung has better stats but no not according to apple boys

  • Too much

  • another killer pocket was born

  • Praise Samsung do you have room for another lost soul?

  • Fuck outa here IPhone!

  • sapnu puaS

  • Why so many dislikes?

  • Marc ass browny Thats hot

  • I prefer Apple, but I’m not gonna lie, Samsung batted out of the part with this one. I won’t be changing to Samsung anytime soon, I still find them slow, ugly, and just uncomfortable to use, but this is one good phone.

  • Meanwhile here I am with an S4 still.

  • Samsung doesn't seem like Samsung anymore

  • I switched from Samsung to Apple in January but I regret that shit I’m getting Samsung when my contract runs out or if I suddenly get rich I’m getting the new S10. Apple is a scam honestly I’ve lived on both sides and it’s an overpriced phone with limited capabilities. Simple things like casting to the TV I miss that shit. Better camera on Samsung too. The best thing about Apple is the Apple Pay but you have Samsung pay. Honestly Apple is just for people that follow fashion like I did.


  • Bestimmt toll, kann ich mir nicht leisten. Mein Smartphone erfüllt auch seinen Zweck!

  • What the hell. 12 G of RAM?

  • *cough cough* *IPhone is still better* Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them. You will succeed in life and reach every goal you ever dreamt of and accomplish more than you ever thought you could. I do JP-tv myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 5k by March! MUCH LOVE❤️

  • Apple is starting to get stale. I hope this year we see something new. Otherwise I see apples slow decline

  • Mark-ass brown-lee

  • Can it run Crysis???

  • Galaxy Fold Gang

  • Samsung is the future IPhone is a bit late poor apple

  • Ahh, that’s hot!

  • 1st To fake being 1st Bahahahahahahahahahaha

  • I got a j7 and it's amazing

  • With the fuss and expectations of having phones thin and flimsy - those of us who put cases on them dont care about how thin they are. A more robust solid phone will always be my first choice. Glass backing means nothing really, and fingerprints would never concern me. I do like the ultrasonic fingerprint button though. But is the technology in the S10 that far from the S8Note that makes me want to spend near $1000AU ? Not really.

  • Why people dislikes

  • mark ass brownlee

  • "markass brownies"

  • With that much storage imagine how much porn you can store on it, 😁😁😁😁😁😁😈.

  • S8+ just went $440 on Amazon, that's the great deal right now, i have this phone for almost 2 years and still working perfectly.

  • Mom found the poop sock !!!

  • When does all this stuff come out

  • Way too expensive. I'll stick with my S8+.

  • Cool HDR certified

  • #1 on tending let’s gooooo!

  • One day they’ll do something that’s different from apple

  • Congrats on #1 Trending and 8M subscribers! Been a fan for a few years now and you definitely deserve it! I'll be sticking with my iPhone 6s until it breaks! It's been good to me, and frankly I can't afford an expensive phone! I like the XR, and so far I like what I'm seeing with the S10e. I don't really care about the edgy display, and it's got that 855. The compromises seem few and far between. Samsung has been killing it lately, and this'll probably make it into your full review, but according to Android Police, the S10 Bixby button can be remapped. Honestly it needs to be a Google Assistant button. Samsung should throw the AI battle for points in the smartphone battle. Nobody. Wants. Bixby. Honestly as a guy with an iPhone, Siri kinda sucks too. IMO it's Google > Alexa > Siri > Bixby. I use Google, even though it requires a few taps.

  • My Samsung J3 Prime is feeling heavily insecure right now!

  • 1 like= 1📱 📱

  • I just buy a S9 and S10 out now😭. Sad af

  • I'm swear In 2 years phones will be bigger that laptops but flat as a pancake

  • E

  • nobody mentions the price *yikes*

  • Over 10 minute video, no ads Legend

  • Can you place the "back" button to the left?

  • I've never been a huge fan of Samsung for the software but damn, this phone truly feels like a next gen phone, can't wait to see what everyone else comes out with now.

  • It is so amazing that Samsung that got this to reach of technological of Technology

  • That camera dot on the screen would still annoy me to have...I hope that doesn't continue into the next generations, I will stick with my s8+ until they release a decent upgrade without the notch or cutout for the camera, I would rather a small bezel or no front camera than having a piece of the screen cut into via an ugly notch or hole blocking the screen in any spot....

  • 한국인손

  • *apple has disconnected from the chat*

  • I will get this phone.


  • Ese teléfono debe costar un ojo de la cara 😅😅

  • I think JP-tv is drunk

  • I still can't find proper reason to change my S3:))

  • Recipe to #1 trending on youtube: Fortni- I mean Samsung and Marques Brownlee


  • Personally I'm not a fan of Bixby, I've removed/disabled it on any Samsung phone I've used. Can someone give me a better perspective on Bixby? What's good / useful about the physical button that launches Bixby? Thanks for replies, interested to get your opinions on this.

  • I dont understand the money problems people complain about but oh I gotta have my over $1000 phone. Morons!!!

  • Giving up my apple. Props to Samsung. I want that phone. Great technology OMG!

  • Probably my next phone. But will buy it when s11 comes lol

  • M A R K A S S B R O W N I E

  • nah bro...its cool but the cut out is too annoying

  • o que está em alta e isto mas o Felipe Neto falando a verdade não né

  • Apple is laughing at the $2000 phone

  • this is basically the new laptop scene of 2019

  • Always amazed by comments on these videos. Apple are a nevi and deteriorating company , selling trash phones to stupid non-tech capable gullible sheep whilst Samsung are an inspirational and altruistic company full of innovation who are adding to the greater good of mankind by charging their oh so- clever and quick witted evangelistic followers a thousand dollars plus for their revolutionary devices.

  • I am a iPhone user. And this s10 is stunning. If Apple doesn’t fix the iPhone 11 guess where I’m going🙄🤩

  • Sub to Pewdiepie

  • How does Marshmello eat his food?

  • Thanks, MKBHD but... When can you get your hands on that foldable, insanely-expensive beast? Looking forward to it...

  • It’s basically copying Apple 🙄

  • 4.6M views. Impressive. Meanwhile, unbox therapy views for same topic ; 756k views.

    • Nana Antwi you’re wrong dude. That one has 3.8M views.

  • Pixel 3 XL or S10+?

  • I have Xs max What is difference is size of the Samsung plus and my iPhone ?

  • And I just bought a note 9