Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

に公開 2019/02/11
Watch Cardi B’s speech for Best Rap Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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  • Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album For 'Invasion Of Privacy' | 2019 GRAMMYs :

    • Mac Miller deserved that Grammy

    • 0 . Para o

    • +mhackie minaj swift Well, all Nicki has to do is just say a lot of good things about the Grammys and support their show every year and give them some money and let them know what Grammy award she wants to win and then if she's a good girl like Cardi and shows them respect then she will win the award for best rap album of the year. Easy enough right?

    • +Juan Jose Uribe Perez Her being a woman has nothing to do with anything. Enough with the stupid feminist SJW bullshit. Her album wasn't that good and it wasn't the best rap album of the year. J Irja is a woman rapper and her album is straight fire. Way better than Cardi B. She won that Grammy because they liked her the most and they are into this SJW bullshit and they just wanted a woman to win this time just for the sake of it. Not because her album was actually "the best".

    • john c oh u sound big mad. Guess u gonna keep hating on her and ima be that “brain dead idiot” that not gonna hate on people that have a better life than me and that’s making more money tf😂


  • Corporate pushed BS

  • I mean woaaaw !!!

  • Aww bless she's a sweetheart. She deserves it.

  • She changed her outfit like 5 times lol

  • She is the most funnest person and she gave the best speech funny though, she was shaking and nerves,. Im sure that award means alot to her. Much love for her

  • Illuminati saleswoman

  • WELL WELL WELL Deserved!!!!!!!

  • Ummm kamikaze??

  • La divaza: quiero droga en este momento Bebe arrexa coño yo tambien

  • Just even further discredits the grammies.

  • oh my god i love cardi b i wanna meet her but im in a nother country

  • This is how far hip hop has fallen, good accomplishment for her, but when real lyricism gets completely overlooked in favor of people like her who has the most elementary level of ability and people like drake who dont even write their own lyrics , its a slap in the face to the real M.C.'s out there actually perfecting their craft and being true to the culture, shes a pop artist period, and that's fine, she however is not a hiphop artist

  • Cardi B!!!.... 💕💕💕💕💕💕!!!! You go gurllllll!!!!.... Better get that grammy!!!!....

  • You can say what you want about this girl, you can tune her out etc.. but she went after what she wanted, proved people wrong and prove to herself that she can do it and stay raw & real af. “The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats”

  • I believe they accidentally left out the letter (C) in her category. Illiterate moron who thinks her baseless opinion matters on anything.

  • You husband thankyou😂😂

  • I’m sure 6ix9ine could’ve won a Grammy if he didn’t go to jail Who else agrees

  • 1:39 what universe am i living in?

  • Mac deserved to get it I know it is not her fault that this happened but he has worked his way up for like a decade and she hasn't been making music for as long And you don't want me to start with the reasons why mac is just generally better than cardi

  • Hard work still pays off. Congrats Cardi!

  • What do people mean when they say shes real? Like she says how she feels? Shes not ashamed of being ignorant? Shes uneducated? She was a stripper and shes not ashamed? She doesnt write her lyrics and everything she says is oversexual, how is that real? Shes unclassy and thats considered real? Why do white women like cardi? Shes like the opposite of white women in every sense of the word Shes real cuz she talks about her pussy Then we need all of you women to BE LIKE CARDI THEN BE “REAL” cuz ya mad fake and conservative?

  • I think Travis left lol

  • She should have never won

  • Straight hustle. Well deserved cardi.

  • Very proud of her

  • Ayyye

  • Ayyye

  • Over reacting ...

  • Die lit real aoty

  • That was honestly one of Cardis realest moments without all that extra shhhtuff...God Bless her n her family, she deserves it cuz she def put in that work n dedication...SALUTE 2 CARDI B

  • YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! but I'm still a Nikki fan...

  • Mac got Robbed!!!!!

  • LATINOS!!!

  • Why does she look like Mr. Peanut though?

  • Congrats to you Cardi !!!! You deserve it.


  • She beat out ALL those dudes in a man's game! I'm proud af

  • Astroworld shoulda won jus my opinion

  • Does anyone one esle realize that half the population does not listen to her? Men do listen to this crap so whos really doing the voting?

  • They started playing the music on her...hahaha

  • *Why didn't she thank Jesus?*

  • Crap Music. Does it lower your IQ 10%?

  • The newest queen of rap! Breaking records over and over.

  • Nobody gonna talk about the chick with the plate through her head?

  • She’s cool but I can’t stand her accent

  • I don't know about this one Chief

  • lovinher

  • Well deserved

  • Nicki minaj she is stell queen 👸🏽 💗💗

  • U are my role modek cardi

    • Probably why you can't spell

  • Cardi= Shit

  • 0:42 who's the girl?

  • Congratulations but how can most of us even relate to her music, how is it rap album of the year when she raps about being better and more ratchet than us? Doesn't make sense to me

  • My girl won the Grammys

  • #illuminati

  • Mac millers swimming shoulda won hands down but either way congrats cardi

  • Cardi cardi hot tamaly

  • Elle le mérite ❤️

  • she is the best

  • They ALL have ghostwriter !! Wether she wrote it , bought it or not .. she won the fuckin Grammy !! Felicidades Cardi B !! Well deserved 👏👏👏

  • Grammy to best prostitute

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Atlantic owns the Grammys .....

  • How the hell is this award worthy music. How is this even considered music?

  • UGH why in the hell is offset even up there?! It seems like this cheating ass dude is always sliding into the background of HER moments. First female headliner- *slides in First female grammy for best rap album *slides in. Let her have her damn moments that SHE worked for

  • Eminem was right

  • First time i actually felt for her..i would have cried if the music in the end was there from the beginning...

  • Rap Album? Cardi is not rapper, his lyrics only talk about sex ,Rap is Eminem, Rap is revolutionary poetry, Rap is mental reflection, The only real rapper that exists is Eminem

  • I like Cardi, but nobody is going to give a shit about this album in a couple of years. Pusha’s album is a modern classic.

  • Never underestimate the power of ghost writers

  • love Cardi❤

  • When she let her true self show, she look adorable!. Fallinlove with her on this.

  • Whether or not you think she earned it or deserved it, she did. She did this whole album in a short couple of months and it broke records. She broke records and did things no other female rapper has ever done

  • She never deserve this

  • She is so cute!!

  • Well this just proves that Hip Hop music is on a huge decline and is just shit anymore

  • Miller deserved it much more

  • very humble

  • People love bashing Female strippers but don’t do the same for males they think it’s “cute and hot”.

  • People stay hating on Cardi why tho? Cause I mean she only been popping for bout 2-3 yrs. and she was nominated for this Grammy and actually won,and sis has a net worth of 8 million.I bet If it was nicki that won the Grammy people would still be hating on her saying shit like oh she didn’t win,or who didn’t get nominated,people will always have a reason to hate on somebody. I love nicki as well and one day she will get a Grammy she’ll be back on top again and that’s why I don’t like it when people went to her page either. I’m a fan of both and I’m personally getting sick of this beef cause in the male industry you don’t really see there trying to be a rap king and fans attacking other fans or fans attacking that person. They are both talented. They both are 2 different people that don’t need to be compared. They both doing better than all of us in this comment section. Bye y’all that was just a quick rant🤪Btw this was my first and last time comparing them.

  • Aww cardi. You are amazing

  • Le dan premio de mejor album de rap y ni si quiera es rap es trap no mames jajaja donde quedo el rap 50 cent, dr dre, ice cube, twista etc

  • The most overrated rapper in history, change my mind.

  • 0:41 who are those 2 girls on the left side

  • Astroworld should have won

  • Offset was not needed up there

  • when ur wife is saying n importnt speech and ur just chewin gum XD

  • Wtf

  • Why did this make me tear up omg

  • I love her even more now, her reaction is priceless. That is so sweet.

  • Awww she look like a viejita cardi I love u girl

  • I love how Cardi and Selena Q. both wore a whiteeee gown for their first grammmmys xoxox get Latina queens xoxo

  • think back to the type of artists who were winning awards 20 years ago and now look who they are giving grammys to . pathetic

  • Ma little marshmallow

  • Yes, we all know she didn't have the best album lol but still let her shine and congratulations to her💯

  • Offset didn't stop chewing his gum lol

  • Better than Jlo ? 🤣